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Mr. Gaub,

I like your proposals for associating with the world outside the UN, although there are questions. Listed below are a few.

What, for instance, are our "national security issues"? How do you go about defining those? Who makes the decisions? How do you define success and how will you know when it has been achieved? In what way does the military might of the US contribute to that definition and accomplishment? Is “national security” explained by how well or adversely it affects the MIC and the political status quo.

Given the deepening political split of US society, it is entirely plausible, probably certain, that there are many in this country who do NOT want the UN to be booted out but would prefer that it be given MORE power. Since “We, the People” (an idolatrous concept), operate under a democracy (or at least the pretense of one), how would you address THEIR concerns?

Don't get me wrong. I have advocated for decades that the US leave the UN and that the organization be told to vacate, post haste. On this, I agree with you. However, it is my opinion that your specified reasons for booting them out smack of an “us vs. them” tribalism, are retaliatory, and have little to do with making our world better or safer.

For instance, the #1 reason is that Iran is chairing a forum on human rights. Imagine that! Iran, one-third of the updated (and most current) Axis of Evil, leading a panel of "experts" to conclude what human rights are and how to go about achieving them. I am shocked, shocked, that such a thing would be allowed!! Perhaps it would be better if that internationally recognized Bastion of Human Rights, Israel, and its head-chopping neighbor Saudi Arabia, shared the podium. Supposedly, at least, Iran is talking about the issue along with others in a somewhat official capacity. Whether they are making any progress on the matter is a different question, but is this not what the UN is supposed to be—a place where ALL nations can cooperate to advance human interests? Where is it written that so-called “enemies” cannot have a place at the table? Or do we only support the UN when it sings the songs we like and dances to our tune?

Instead of “…going abroad in search of monsters to destroy…”, wouldn’t it be more advisable to clean up our own house? To put a stop to such egregious violations of human rights as the 78-day bombing of Yugoslavia, the sadistic torture and murder of Moammar Gadhaffi which Hillary Clinton found so amusing, the literal destruction of Iraq by George W. Bush and his neo-con cohorts, the 20-year ambush, kidnapping, and devastation of Afghanistan, the ongoing destruction of Ukraine which is heartily backed by NATO and the US? How many more examples of clear-cut cases of human rights abuses do we need before we finally say enough and take concise and concrete steps to dismantle the power structure (MICIMATT) which rules this country, driving our own freedoms and rights into oblivion?

It is easy to blame others. It is not so easy to examine yourself, admit fault, and change behavior when you find you are wrong, but this is exactly what is necessary if we are going to survive and prosper, not only as a nation, but also as a world. We must, as believers in the Prince of Peace, stop pointing the finger at “our” enemies as the cause for “our” troubles and act within our own (personal) souls to ensure that we (personally) are not aggravating and adding to the problem.

Or does this hit too close to home to be considered?

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Amen! Something to consider, however, is that none of the international organizations were created to actually accomplish what they state in the charters. In addition to furthering the goals for a one world government, these international organizations are in place to actively be a main part of that governance.

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Great article! Precisely! Give them a month to leave and raze it to the ground.

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This is exactly what we must do! Long overdue! Communism is spreading like wild fire and it's past time to take serious action.

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Yes! Geneva is perfect. So Be It.

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