My Substack started as a place to store my writings so I could share them online with anybody who wanted to read them.

Over time, as people kept asking and based on my being de-platformed on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn I focused more on Substack and growing the outreach slowly there rather than on social medial

I am not a journalist, but it seems that most in the mainstream media are not either so I will occasionally post something that is newsworthy, but mostly I seek to educate people and inspire them to dig deeper into the topics on which I write. I do not seek to add to the constant barrage of problems, but would rather dig into the world of solutions.

I value the Word of God more than anything and always try to weave in Biblical precepts into my writing. If I do not for some reason, I at least want to achieve some level of inspiration or education.

There is enough bad news out there, I do not need to add to it.

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Biblical and Constitutional Governance


I spent 28 years in the military. I'm a respected military strategist, and Co-founder of Restore Liberty, a nationwide grassroots organization focused on magnifying the primacy of individual and states rights under the U.S. Constitution.